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Attic ventilation is essential in making any home more comfortable while lowering energy costs. Air-conditioners can run less and won’t have to work as hard.  Humid, stagnant air can be removed, drawing fresh dry air across the surfaces.  Your attic can be drier and cooler–the perfect tools to help fight potential moisture damage. Attics get hot because your roof takes the full brunt of the Sun's energy. As the Sun beats down on your roof, the shingles heat upreaching temperatures up to 150°F.  This heat is transferred through the shingles, to the roof deck, to the lumber and rafters, and to anything else inside the attic. All of these materials will absorb and radiate the heat.



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Attic Fans–Solar & Electric.

Attic fans can be electrical or solar powered with various installation options including surface, curb, or gable mount and several methods for controlling operation. They all function under the same principle; accelerate the movement of air through the attic, drawing cool air in so that the hot air can exit reducing or preventing the buildup of heat. Because excess heat can damage your shingles and potentially void their warranty, reducing the heat in your attic can help prevent a serious and costly repair.


Solar-Powered-Attic-VentilatorsSolar Powered Attic Fan

The major advantages of a solar powered attic fan are...

  • They operate cost- and pollution-free. They operate on solar energy alone and don't give off harmful pollutants.
  • They don't require an electrician to install. Since they operate on solar energy, you don't need to hook them up to your home's electrical system.
  • A homeowner with basic DIY skills can install. They come with instructions that you can follow. A great DIY solar energy project
  • Quiet operation. No harmonic noise from the motor so they can run all day long without a bothersome “hum”.
  • Efficient operation.  Because they cost nothing to run, longer operation means less chance of heat buildup
  • You may be eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit on the price of a Solar PAV and installation costs.  Click here to learn more.


electric attic fanElectric Powered Attic Fan

The major advantages of an electrical powered attic fan are...

  • Higher performance. Because they draw more power than their Solar cousins they can deliver much higher CFM (cubic feet per minute of air). Higher CFM means more air is moving through your attic so the heat can be quickly removed. 
  • They don’t depend on sun to run. Your attic can heat up even on an overcast or cloudy day. Electrical powered attic ventilators are not dependent on the sun for their energy so there are no worries about losing or reducing power throughout the day.