Mayco Lead Flashing

Mayco Industries Offers a great selection of Lead Flashings for Commerical & Residential
Applications as well as specialty Poly flashing use the links below to view our flashing

Multi-Pitch Lead Roof Flashings

Multiple Pitch FlashingMAYCO's Multi-Pitch Lead Roof Flashings are made from the highest quality and longest life materials and are ideal for all types of roofing materials. This lead flashing is manufactured to fit any roof pitch, from flat to 3/12 pitch. All sizes will fit any steel, standard or extra heavy soil pipe.



Special Lead Flashings (To fit repair jobs)

Lead Flashing for Repair Jobs MAYCO's flashings are made to meet any architectural or Government Specifications. To order Special Flashings, specify weight of lead, size of flange or base, height of boot and pitch of roof.

Roof Pitch Conversion Chart Chart for Roof Pitch Conversion



Auto-Caulk Flashings


MAYCO's "AUTO-CAULK" flexible seal is die-formed to flashing. Completely waterproof and leak proof, will not
crack, chip or peal. Adjustable to most pitched roofs.

Available in 4 sizes to fit any type vent stack (Plastic, Glass, Copper, Steel, standard and extra heavy Soil Pipe, DWV and Transite; 1 ½", 2", 3" and 4", 3/1 combo and 3/4 combo. MAYCO "AUTO-CAULK" (Automatic Caulk) "Solid Seal" Roof Flashings are manufactured in aluminum and galvanized steel bases with EPDM Rubber Collar permanently attached. Fits up to 40º roof pitch. Not for Hot Mop Applications. EPDM Rubber collar injection molded to offer superior resistance to weather, ozone and oxidation.

NOTE: Do not use petroleum based products on collar.




New SUPER NEOPOLY is now available Chart


The New Super NEOPOLY is now available in the 1-1/2". 2". 3"and the 1-1/2," 2" and 3" combo. It fits to a 15/12 pitch (51°) with a new stiffer polypropylene base and has a new improved elastomer collar. Not for hot-mopped or built up roof applications.

Super Neo Poly Flashing Details Specification



Traditional Neo Poly


Injection molded polypropylene base with 14 melt flow and 11 notched Izod for superior impact resistance. TPR collar molded onto base to form one-piece permanent bonding of materials. Fits roofs up to 45º. Not for hot mop applications. Available in 4" and 3/4" combo sizes, only.
NOTE: Do not use petroleum based products on plastic bases or collar.