Insurance Repairs

We have you covered... does your insurance adjuster?

  •  1)  Homeowner contacts us per insurance company criteria;
  •  2) One of our representatives goes to location to prepare estimate;
  •  3) Homeowner forwards estimate to insurance carrier;
  •  4) Interaction with adjuster begins, answer any questions, meet at property if necessary to discuss proposal;
  •  5) Insurance company approves work, homeowner usually receives a portion of claim $$;
  •  6) Upon completion of work, homeowner contacts insurance carrier for final payment.

Storm Roof Repair MundeleinNormally the payment is issued directly to the homeowner.  Some companies issue check in both homeowner and Lombardo Installations names.  If this is the case, we sign the check, return to homeowner, and receive our payment when bank clears payment to them.

We will always work with the homeowner to make sure they receive the most available coverage from their insurance company.  Sometimes an explanation directly from Chris Lombardo, or one of the other experienced estimators, to the adjuster will change the amount they receive (for the better).

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