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C. Lombardo Installations, can help you achieve your roofing, siding, new construction or remodeling dream. As a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor, we provide construction services for both commercial and residential properties. No project is too large or small. Whether it's new construction or a simple remodeling project, we guide our customers through the entire building process.

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A shingled roof is very often overlooked until a problem occurs.  When a new roof is needed, two options are available as described below:

Option #1:  TEAR-OFF

Existing shingled roof MUST be torn off if any one of the following conditions exist.

1. Existing roof has two or more layers.  In this case, Village codes require all shingles to be torn off down to the wood decking.
2. Existing wood decking is rotted (as evidenced by soft spots or the inability to hold a nail).
3. Existing shingles are excessively curled or buckled, indicating the start of cracking.

Option #2:  RE-ROOF

Existing shingled roofs may be re-shingled if the following criteria are met.

1. Existing roof is only one layer.
2. Shingles are free of excessive curls and buckles and are not cracking.
3. Roof shows no evidence of rotted wood.

Any visual flaws on the existing shingle roof will be exaggerated by re-roofing.  Any dips, buckles or bumps will appear larger with another layer of shingles on them.  A re-roof typically costs 30% less than a tear-off, but a re-roof looks as “good” as a tear-off.  Only architectural/dimensional shingles will be used for a re-roof to help hide imperfections of existing roof.


1) All roofs will be installed with quality material, craftsman like, and will be completed within one working day, weather permitting.
2) Our shingles will be delivered directly onto the roof by our supplier, unless the roof is an 8 x 12 pitch or greater, the materials will be dropped on ground.
3) Once the shingles are delivered, a day or so later, a crew will come out and install your new roof.  We do request that there be an accessible working outlet or electrical cord from the garage needed for saws, etc.
4) The roofer begins by applying starter shingle at all bottom edges.
5) We will chalk two vertical lines in each section of the roof.  This assures a straight vertical look to the water lines.
6) The roofer then begins by installing the shingles.  We use a class A 240# asphalt fiberglass shingle.  Warranty includes a 70 mph wind resistance.  Warranties furnished upon request.
7) Shingles will be applied at a 5″ exposure to the weather as per manufacturer’s warranty.  We will install the shingles in a stair-step fashion.
8) We hand-nail or use air guns.
9) Valleys are applied with an iron clad/dutch-lapped system, a thicker double coverage system which prevents early aging and leaking.
10) All old vents will be replaced with new RV 51 color coded.  Sufficient ventilation is extremely important for the healthy life of the roof.  Not only is it important to have the release of hot air during the summer months, but also to have an air current in the winter months to help keep condensation to a minimum.
11) All exposed nails will be caulked and the roof will be capped off.
12) All roofing debris will be hauled away and the roof will be free of nails, paper, etc.
13) Installation of power vents, soffit vents, gutters, and skylights are also available upon request.


  • Tear-off entire roof down to the decking.
  • Shingles delivered directly onto the roof by contractor’s supplier (unless roof is at an 8/12 pitch or greater – then materials will be left on the ground).
  • Tarps dropped below to catch miscellaneous debris.
  • A dumpster (paid for by Lombardo Roofing) will be delivered to job site and placed on plywood in driveway.  Clean up of driveway after dumpster removal is homeowner’s responsibility.  In the event an additional dumpster is required, homeowner will incur an additional charge to the contract price.  Dumpster will be removed within one working day.
  • Old roofing nails will be pulled from the wood decking (not nailed back in)!
  • Wood will be inspected for rot, softness, or any other deterioration.
  • Replacement wood costs are as follows:  $50.00 per 4’ x 8’ sheet of ½” plywood; $50.00 per sheet of 5/8” plywood; plywood replacement on a steep pitch roof or a mansard roof is $60.00 per sheet; $3.00 per linear foot of 1” x 6’ decking; $3.50 per linear foot of 1” x 8’ decking.  Contractor is not responsible for bowed rafters.  Hourly charge for other wood repairs is $50.00 per hour plus materials.  (Note:  In the event additional layers of roofing are found, an extra charge will apply. Layers cannot always be seen or found upon initial inspection.)
  • Install standard 15# felt paper (30# felt paper available at an additional cost to homeowner)
  • Apply starter shingle to all bottom edges and up rake edges.
  • Install 25 year, 240#, Class “A”, asphalt/fiberglass shingles.  Chalk lines will be snapped and followed to assure a straight vertical and horizontal appearance on all bottom edges and at all starts on each side in accordance with manufacturer’s warranty.  Shingles are installed in a stair-stepped or a booked style using four (4) 1¼” roofing nails per shingle and approximately every 5” exposure to the weather (except for dimensional shingles).
    • Dimensional shingles are applied using five (5) nails per shingle and a matching 3-tab shingle is used as a ridge cap.)  Dimensional hip and ridge is also available at an additional cost to homeowner.)
    • Mansard style roofs are applied using six (6) nails per shingle.
  • Shingles may be hand nailed or air nailed upon homeowner’s request.  In the event gutters are not removed, ice and water shield will be wrapped to at least 2” down onto the fascia.
  • Damaged counter flashing is replaced at an additional cost to homeowner for materials and labor.
  • Appropriately caulk all exposed nails on cap and vents.
  • Completely clean debris from gutters, driveway, yard, and bushes.
  • Magnetically sweep entire working area.
  • Note:  On steep homes with a pitch greater than 7/12, it is extremely difficult to keep debris from falling on shrubs, bushes, plants and flowers below.  Contractor will use great care to avoid such damage, however, Contractor cannot be responsible if damage should occur.
  • Homeowner to remove or cover valuables in attic and garage to protect from falling objects; Homeowner may also wish to remove pictures, shelves, mirrors, etc. from walls; Homeowner to clear patio and/or decks of toys, grills, and other personal property.  Contractor is not responsible for damage to personal property.
  • Contractor not responsible for nail pops, stress cracks or related markings due to the stacking of materials and/or the removal of weight from the existing roof.
Important Note:  Homeowner shall NOT dispose of household items or yard waste in dumpster.  An additional charge will apply if dumpster is used for homeowner’s disposal of such.


We install vinyl, aluminum & cedar siding.  Vinyl is the most-used siding material in this area.  We will use any brands of siding, but we prefer Royal, Reynolds, and CertainTeed.  These brands come in double 4″ or 5″ and dutch lap double 4″ or 5″.  These brands come in a wide variety of colors, are virtually maintenance-free, never need painting, and come with a lifetime limited warranty.


1. Contractor will tear off siding.
2. Inspect the area for any rotten wood to be replaced.
3. Where the siding is removed, wrap the entire area with a moisture barrier (house wrap).
4. We will re-install any light fixture, re-install phone box, re-install A/C unit, re-connect the cable wires & re-set the existing downspouts.  (If needed)
5. All “J” channel, corner posts (inside & outside), starter strips, light fixture mounts, and vents (if needed) are included in the price.
6. All shutters taken down and re-installed.  If homeowner purchases new shuttes, we will re-install at time of job completion.
7. If insulation / fanfold board is needed, there will be an extra cost.
8. Permit and dumpster are included in the price.
9. The entire area will be swept clean of debris and hauled away.
10. You may want to remove pictures, shelves, mirrors, or any other valuables from your walls that may be damaged from the nailing of siding.  Please clear your patios and/or decks of toys, grills, and other personal property to avoid any damage from debris.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE.
11. We are not responsible for nail pops.
12. Double 5″ and Premium Colors are special orders, and may be slightly higher in price, as well as take up 2 to 3 weeks to deliver.
13. **We will install almost any type of siding, but certain brands may be slightly higher in price. **

IconGutters and Downspouts

We install 5″ or 6″ seamless aluminum gutters.  The installations of gutters includes apron, support brackets every 18″-24″ and are pitched with a level to insure proper drainage.  We install regular and oversize downspouts, but prefer oversize downspouts for better water removal.  Our gutters and downspouts are available in a variety of colors.


1) Remove old gutters, downspouts, flashing, and haul away.
2) Inspect all fascia boards, replace rotten boards if necessary at an additional charge.
3) Determine the number of downspouts needed and the proper locations of the downspouts.
4) Extrude heavy gauge .032 seamless 5″ aluminum gutter system to exact lengths.  6″ size gutters available at an additional charge.
5) Install gutter apron.
6) Install gutter hangers every 18″ to 24″.
7) All gutters are pitched with a level to insure proper drainage.
8) We seal all mitres, drop outlets, endcaps, with synthetic silica sealant.
9) We install oversize downspouts 3×4 for better water removal, and will install regular 2×3 size at the request of the homeowner.
10) All downspouts are installed wih straps.
11) Customer’s premises are left clean.

IconVelux Roof Windows and Skylights

As the world leader in roof windows and skylights, Velux has been providing outstanding service for the last 50 years.  All Velux roof windows and skylights come standard with specially designed comfort glass.  Comfort glass provides unparalleled protection against heat gain and loss, fading, and condensation while providing you with maximum light and a clear view.  We at C. Lombardo Installation use Velux roof windows and skylights to enhance any room with dramatic natural light.  Different types of flared light shafts can be constructed to maximize natural lighting and to create architectural drama in any room.


Your roof is exposed to hot summers and cold winters.  A properly vented attic will help to remove excess heat and condensation (moisture), help prevent roof rot on your roof deck, guard against ice damming in harsh winters, and will reduce heating and A/C costs.  Roof vents, ridge vents, power attic fans & soffit vents all work in conjunction with each other for proper ventilation.  We at C. Lombardo Installations specialize in proper ventilation to extend the life of your roof.  Some of the products we use are Cobra and Benjamin Obdyke ridge vent systems, RV51 roof vents, Attic Air Power fans and oversize soffit vents.

IconGrace Ice & Water Sheild

An ice dam can form on almost any roof after a substantial snowfall.  The interior heat of the structure causes snowmelt; the melted snow accumulates and later freezes to form an ice dam along the eaves.  As more snow melts, water flows down the pitch of the roof and backs up behind the ice dam, gradually forcing its way under the shingles and through the roof deck into the structure.

Storms can also threaten the integrity of sloped roofs.  Strong winds can lift sloped roof coverings, allowing wind-driven rain to easily get underneath and penetrate the unprotected roof decks.

Roof leaks also routinely occur in valleys or around skylights and protrusions.

The effects of ice dams or wind driven rain can range from stained walls and ceilings to severe water damage in multiple rooms.  During a single year, ice dams or wind driven rain can easily cost thousands of dollars in a family home, condominimum, apartment building or commercial structure, and unless the leakage problem is corrected, damage will continue to result.

IconGeneral Construction Repairs

C. Lombardo Installations can complete most general construction repairs. We make many more exterior repairs and interior general repairs to homes and commercial properties in the Mundelein, Hawthorne Woods, Vernon Hills, Grayslake, Wauconda and Libertyville area than any of our competitors combined.

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